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Drona Pay for Lenders and Finance Companies

Grow Fintech partnerships while ensuring compliance

Compliance across co-lending, neo banking, payment processing & card co-branding partnerships.

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Built for NBFCs and Lenders 

Leverage Fintech Apps & Partnerships to grow while owning Customer Data

Enabling Compliant Partnerships

Today, partners for co-lending, neo banking, payment processing, co branding are key drivers of growth. A bank needs to enable them while also ensuring compliance on all aspects of the customer journey.

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Consistent metrics

Create a catalogue of your metrics to improve productivity and ensure consistency across teams (both data and business). Ability to track the formulae of each metric along with the applicable data source is key to accuracy.


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Ability to integrate with leading data sources across cloud platforms in a near realtime mode

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Work With Pseudonymised Data And Guarantee Data Privacy

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Data quality

Obtain assessment of data quality to ensure integrity of data and downstream decision making.

Comprehensive Domain Expertise 

Our experience with integrating Core Banking, Card Management, Loan Management System, CRM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Payment Systems & Treasury will ensure faster turnaround times.

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Self service MIS / Dashboards

Enabling business users with self-serve reports / datasets across fintech partner systems & bank systems is key to improving decisions. A dataset which cannot be tracked to source and validated raises more questions than answers.

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