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Drona Pay for Card Issuers & BNPLs

Seize opportunities in an evolving world

As Card Issuers and BNPLs ease lending & payments for customers, they can leverage technology to minimize delinquency and keep customers safe.

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Built for Fintech : BNPL, e-Wallets & Lending Apps

One Platform for Multiple Solutions

Secure Innovative Products

Low value payments (UPI, Zelle, Faster Payments), BNPL, App based lending, P2P, P2M, P2A, RFP and a range of new products require models and rules customized to contain fraudsters & lower delinquency.

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Onboarding / Account Opening

Detailed analysis of behaviour at account opening which covers typing speed, segmentation, time spent to fill, copy-paste, swipe patterns help differentiate a cybercriminal from a genuine user. 


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Leverage a scalable architecture to meet the growing needs of digital payments

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Simplistic Pricing

Pay-as-you-go programs to help you focus on your growth

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Custom Rules

 Tune models to your business goals, reduce fraud or manage delinquency 

Reimagine User Experience

Enhance customer experience while assuring safety, without disrupting the flow of online payments. Track and prudently use step ups & alerts, to prevent customer friction and reduce losses in BNPL.

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Minimize Losses

Identify fraudulent and delinquent behaviour at a transaction level, to facilitate early mitigation. Quicker response and escalation will result in lower losses and better engagement with customers.

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