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Case management can advance your fraud strategy

Integrate human insights and machine intelligence into business processes

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How it Works?

Leverage composable Business Process Modeller, Decision Modeller & API integration to create a flexible case management strategy

Managing Fraud Investigations

The ability to access critical data on a single pane of glass can exponentially improve investigations. Leverage a configurable visualization framework along with API integration and complex process models to deliver faster results. 

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Composable Business Process

Flexibility in authoring and executing complex business logic and processes is core to modern case management. We offer the ability to embed analytics, AI, and other data-driven insights into your day-to-day business decisions.

Modern Architecture

A fully composable, modern architecture empowers you to rapidly address new and emerging use cases through common functionality. Partner across IT, business, product, security and data science with the ability to meet functional and non-functional requirements.

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Problem Statement

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Facilitate secure collaboration within the platform for risk assessment, investigation, and mitigation planning. This includes file sharing, annotations & audit trail.

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Audit Trails

Maintain a comprehensive record of all communication activities, including timestamps, sender/receiver information, and content. This is crucial for regulatory compliance and forensic investigations

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Channel Management

Omni channel support is key to engaging with today's customers: CRM, IVR, Email, Whatsapp, SMS and App based notifications are all part of the options.

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Validating STR & SAR filings

Facilitate analysts in quickly identifying and validating data needed for regulatory submissions like Suspicious Transaction Reportings & Suspicious Account Reports. Support multi stage approvals, maker checker and quality (QA/QC) control workflows.

Omni channel engagement

Deliver on the promise of hyper-personalized experiences by seamlessly integrating email, sms, whatsapp, mobile apps, text messaging, phone, IVR & mobile apps to ensure interaction through the channel that customers prefer.

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API & Adapter driven integration

Leverage existing APIs or publish your own, integrate with external data sources including new age data vendors or old generation systems & applications with equal ease. Drona Pay offers configurable Adapters that help easy cross system integration.

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