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Anti Money Laundering

Discover suspicious patterns of behaviour with real-time analytics. Leverage advanced ML algorithms to identify full and partial matches to blacklists. 


How it Works?

Using Machine learning (ML) to protect and secure, digital transactions at scale.

Stop Money Laundering!

Money laundering has grown in scale but is hidden due to growing digital payment volumes, helping you find the "needle in the haystack".

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AML Monitoring

Discover suspicious patterns of behavior with real time analytics. Our omnichannel approach to profiling helps develop a broader and deeper assessment of customer activity & risk. We help you streamline SAR / STR filing in lines with regulatory requirements.

Watchlist Management

Leverage advanced ML algorithms to identify full and partial matches to blacklists. Faster remediation with accurate alerts & real time API access. Use differential workflows to handle varying risk categories & alerts dispositions.

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Problem Statement

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Visual Interface

Free your Risk team from engineering, with a user-friendly, low-code / no-code interface. Risk and compliance teams can define & customize rules and workflows.

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Precise Control

Add, edit and adjust parameters and thresholds in accordance with risk policies. Go live in days rather than weeks and months. Show continuous improvement.

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Custom Reporting

Handle ever changing needs to reporting with configurable data flows and reporting interfaces that leverage API based data access & delivery

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Minimize Losses

Identify fraudulent and delinquent behaviour at a transaction level, to facilitate early mitigation. Quicker response and escalation will result in lower losses and better engagement with customers.

Cloud Agnostic Deployment

Our real-time analytics platform offers flexible deployment options including; on-premise, cloud, SaaS or hybrid. Work with our sales team to identify the right solution to meet your regulatory and business needs.

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Reduce False Positives

The key to tuning machine learning models is to balance customer experience with the likelihood of loss. Determining the threshold for your business to balance true positives vs false negatives and false positives is key. We deliver accurate results and also avoid blocking & friction for genuine customers.

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