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Drona Pay for Banks

Improved agility for the ever evolving times

Adapting new technologies like ML to secure payments while enhancing customer experience.

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Built for Banks: Retail Banks, Challenger Banks & Neo Banks

One Platform for Multiple Solutions

Battle Fraud with Accuracy and Scalability

Payments digitization is underway, across the board and across verticals, with banks and fintechs accentuating the change. Protect digital transactions from frauds using machine learning at scale to deliver the accuracy expected by customers. 

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Tackle Fraud Threats

Account takeover, New account fraud, Mule accounts, Card testing & cycling, common points of compromise, remote application takeover and a growing list of new vulnerabilities need to be mitigated while ensuring a great customer experience.


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Protect Customers From Scams And Stop Fraudulent Transactions

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Detect Phishing, GPS Spoofing & App Cloning Before Funds Transfer

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Work With Pseudonymised Data And Guarantee Data Privacy

Behavioural biometrics

Leverage the power of IP analytics, Device & browser fingerprinting, keystroke dynamics to secure your web & mobile apps. Behavioural biometrics can reduce account takeover, identify suspicious activity and reduce spoofing.

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Make Every IOTA of Data Work

Demographic profile, device profile, IP profile, Geolocation analysis, value & velocity analytics, graph based relationship assessment & behavioural biometrics are part of a growing list of tools that we leverage to protect institutions.

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