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Delinquency reduction

Leverage The Power Of Multiple Data Sources To Drive realtime delinquency reduction. Go beyond onboarding and manage credit risk across the lifecycle.


How it Works?

Using Machine learning (ML) to protect and secure, digital transactions at scale.

Make every iota of data work

Customer profile, transaction history, behavioural biometrics, device profile, IP profile, Geolocation analysis, SMS, contact list, email address, value & velocity analytics are part of a growing list of tools that we leverage to protect institutions.

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Excel at Machine Learning

Supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, reinforced learning & graph analytics offer a range of arsenal to help institutions supercharge their battle against delinquents and better understand the customer at the time of onboarding.

Faster than a Bullet

Customer expectations of response time have dropped from Days to Minutes to Seconds to Milliseconds, hence credit decisioning needs to be handled faster than ever before in real-time.

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Problem Statement

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Strong Customer Authentication

Consolidate Insights From Various Data Sources For Real-Time Transaction Risk Analysis And Customer Profiling From Onboarding To Payments. 

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Account Takeover

Uncover Account Takeovers And Fraudulent Activities In Real-Time Using Alternate Data And ML Models.

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Social Engineering Scams

Analyse User Patterns And Data To Identify Even Subtle Deviations From The User Behaviour And Get Alerts In Real-Time.

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Automated Reporting

Our dashboards, domain experts and support teams help you get better insights into your transactions and work to prevent innovative fraud patterns. Maps, graphs, sankey charts, trends help communicate and identify outliers.

Proactive Risk Management

Drona Pay helps you in the battle to prevent a large number of small frauds or a small number of large frauds. An end-to-end financial crime mitigation strategy to identify possible threats in the future and secure digital channels.

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Grow sustainably

Grow by identifying credit worthy customers first-hand with accuracy, low risk & high profitability.

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