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Be part of an extraordinary team

Dynamic, talented and passionate. If those words describe you, we should meet.


Why  You'll  Love To Work At Drona Pay

Cutting-Edge Tech

Our technology handles millions of transactions per second with each transaction being scored within 30 milli seconds


Culture Of Learning

We are in a rapidly evovling space and the only constant is change. So be prepared to learn, unlearn and relearn at Drona Pay

Powered By ML

The parameters used to score a transaction can vary from hundreds to millions. We live off ML, to handle this multidimensional hyperspace


What it's like working at Drona pay

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Ayushi Kharia

Business Development Manager

Working at Drona Pay Engines is an ever-evolving experience, it has pushed me to the edges of my creativity and helped me communicate innovatively. I have been guided by the warm and welcoming people that make up this company.
As a business development manager, the work is meaningful and the solutions that we offer have helped banks and fintech grow. 

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