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Reduce Frauds & Scams, Realtime

Block Scams | Reduce Chargebacks | Prevent Stolen Credentials

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Our Offerings

Fraud & Scam Prevention

Monitor Transactions in Real Time to Detect, Prevent & Protect against Frauds & Scams.

Behavioural Biometrics

Monitor Visible, Hidden And Behavioural Patterns through Keystrokes, Time Spent, IP & Device.

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Integration & Reporting

Data Integration, Validation, Governance, Dashboarding, Operational & Regualtory Reporting

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Anti Money Laundering 

AML & CFT Monitoring of typologies like layering, cleaning & washing and integrate SAR / STR filing. 

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Claims Decisioning

Assist Insurers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to reduce Fraud, Waste & Abuse in Claims

Abstract Background

Payment Processors | Merchants

Reduce Suspicious Transactions, Chargebacks & Merchant Fraud Through Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Leverage Drona Pay for

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Payment Fraud

Monitor transactions in real-time, to detect, prevent and protect against fraud. Leverage alternate data and Machine Learning.  

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Scams & Bots

Lverage IP, Geolocation, Device & Keystroke analytics to identify  bots & remote access threats to secure digital banking. 

Anti Money Laundering

Helping financial institutions with AML & CFT Compliance by identifying typologies like mule, layering, cleaning & washing.

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Regulatory & Operational Reporting

Automate data collection, validation, governance & lineage across data reporting needs. 

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Data Governance

Validate data quality, consistency and help scrub data from upstream systems to ensure quality data flow.

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Data Integration

Unify view across Core Banking, Cards, Loans, CRM, Internet & Mobile Banking, Payments & Treasury

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Claims Decisioning

Analytical engine with ability to detect new and emerging schemes to minimize fraud, waste and abuse in Claims.

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Case Management

Configurable workflows to support transactions, claims, pre-authorizations, SAR, notes and supporting documents.


Enhance decisioning based on profiles of Providers, Practitioners, Customers, Historic & Recent behaviour patterns

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