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The Importance of Data Lineage for Regulatory Reporting

Data lineage is crucial for data analytics and reporting. Lineage provides a clear audit trail of data's origins, transformations, and movements. Lineage helps assure data accuracy, transparency, and regulatory compliance. However organizations have realized that data lineage is easier said than done.:

 ·   Complexity: Multiple data sources and transformations make it challenging to track data lineage. Multiple stages of transformations have been built such that most metrics have multiple layers of dependencies.

 ·   Time-consuming: Unravelling lineage requires teams across various layers / departments of the organization to get to the formulae.

 ·   Manual: Automated systems have not been implemented for lineage as they dont work with diverse tooling that has been used in ETL & report creation.

 Talk to us at Drona Pay to understand how to leverage data lineage in your regulatory reporting processes:

 ·   Automate Tracking: Automate data lineage tracking by building it into ETL pipelines.

 ·   Improve Transparency: Transparency into data flows, aiding in compliance and regulatory audits.

 ·   Cost Effective: Reduce costs associated with manual tracking as well as expensive licenses.

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