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Key Features

API Integrations

API Integrations

Drona Pay offers APIs for banks, payment gateways, real time payments, net banking, credit card and other payment transactions. With ability to integrate step-ups, auto dialers, SMS gateways etc. our APIs make integration a breeze.
program management

Program Management

Our team has several decades of experience in change management, integration and customization of real time risk soulutions. We offer turnkey implementation abilities to solve your problem.
Customizations for fraud detection


Every payment product, compliance and regulatory framework (UPI, FasterPayments, Zelle etc.) has its nuances and needs special care. We at Drona Pay customize our offering to meet your needs and your environment. 
On - prem deployment

On - Prem Deployment

 Our real time analytics platform offers flexible deployment options including; on premise, cloud, SaaS or hybrid. Work with our sales team to identify the right solution to meet your regulatory and business needs.
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