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Data is the new fuel is a cliché- but as a PSP, are you optimizing your fuel usage?

Payment service providers (PSPs) or Payment Aggregators (PAs) or Payment Facilitators (PayFacs) play a pivotal role in the adoption of digital payments. Over the last decade this segment has become highly competitive, and players need to help merchants effectively to grow. A robust Payment Analytics Platform providing insights into merchant behavior, transaction patterns, customer behavior, and potential fraud risks is becoming a necessity.

·   Personalized Insights: Payment analytics platforms offer insights into merchant and customer behavior.

·   Enhanced Experience: Tailored services based on analytics lead to satisfied customers.

·   Profit Optimization: Data-driven decisions boost efficiency, reduce costs, and drive profitability.

For Payment providers, innovations in merchant analytics can drive profitability and improve your operations, and ultimately, increase your customer brand loyalty.

·   Maximize your revenue by increasing a merchants share of business via your platform for profitable merchants

·   Reduce risk : Often the highest vol merchants are least risky, however earn you lowest margins. Derisk to get more profitable business.

·   Analyse customer and MCCs at a segment of one for better negotiation

By employing advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, PSPs can proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent activities, safeguarding both businesses and consumers.

·   Chargeback Monitoring : Payment analytics platforms can identify drivers to chargeback (MCC, Location, Customer IP etc.)

·   Merchant Bucketing : Categorize merchants based on RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary value).

In conclusion, while data is the new oil, refining / processing is an essential step. Work with Drona Pay to process your payments data and generate insights to drive growth and reduce risk!

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