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Drona Pay for Payment processors

Fraud Protection : Take it up a notch!

As processors launch innovative products to help merchants, we help processors safeguard each payment seamlessly.

Fraud protection for payment processors

Built for Payment Processors

One Platform for Multiple Solutions

Secure Innovative Products

Low value payments (UPI, Zelle, Faster Payments), BNPL, App based lending, P2P, P2M, P2A, RFP and a range of new products require models and rules customized to contain fraudsters & lower delinquency.

Bullet speed fraud detection
Secure Innovative Products

Faster than a Bullet

Customer expectations of response time have dropped from Days to Minutes to Seconds to Milliseconds, hence fraud needs to be detected faster than ever before.

Fight Digital Frauds

Account takeover prevention

Account Fraud

Secure user accounts from unauthorised access by analyzing behavioural biometrics
Realtime fraud prevention


Block fake IDs where fraudsters exploit customers using promotions and discounted goods
Mobile payment protection

Credit Fraud

Protect accounts from identity theft and data breaches to avoid exorbitant pay-offs

Make Every IOTA of Data Work

Demographic profile, device profile, IP profile, Geolocation analysis, value & velocity analytics, graph based relationship assessment & behavioural biometrics are part of a growing list of tools that we leverage to protect institutions.

Make every IOTA of data work
Increase Operational Efficiency of fraud detection

Increase Operational Efficiency

Case management, escalation matrix, whitelists, blacklists, step-up process, auto retry, watchlists, false positives, ROCs are all part of the framework that is needed if you want to go beyond implementation to improvement and master the game against fraudsters.

Our Risk Scoring Platform provides protection against evolving fraud threats.

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