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Drona Pay for Merchants & Marketplaces

Prevent Chargebacks,

Grow Profitably.

Tackle new and evolving fraud patterns to optimize profits and strengthen brand reputation.

Tackle evolving fraud patterns

Built for Merchants & Market places

One Platform for Multiple Solutions

Transaction and Reward Points Fraud

Online transactions offer loyalty points to the customer and fraudsters exploit them for illicit gains by promo abuse and fake claims. Drona Pay can help you identify and prevent such losses.

Transaction and reward points fraud
Secure customer account

Secure Customer Account

Unauthorized access to an account by means of phishing and other counterfeit activities, often leads to illegitimate transactions. Drona Pay can help you identify the user based on past behaviour, location, device, IP and transaction profile. Secure your customer accounts, beyond just a password.

Fight Digital Frauds

GPS spoofing

GPS Spoofing

Unmask fraudsters who manipulate their locations using proxies & VPNs 
App cloning

App Cloning

Identify actions that can lead to fraudsters running of the same App in parallel spaces using user identity
Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent Claims

Prevent fraudulent claim involves misrepresentation of information to reap benefits

Reduce Chargebacks 

 Accurately identify fraudulent transactions, powered by machine learning models to mitigate losses. Drona Pay can help you identify bots and likely chargebacks, based on past behaviour, location and device.

Reduce chargebacks
Make every IOTA of data work

Make Every IOTA of Data Work

Demographic profile, device profile, IP profile, Geolocation analysis, value & velocity analytics, graph based relationship assessment & behavioural biometrics are part of a growing list of tools that we leverage to protect institutions.

Our Risk Scoring Platform provides protection against evolving fraud threats.

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