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Defeat fraudsters real time

Defeat fraudsters, Realtime


The founders started working on low latency, data driven applications over two decades ago. From TCP to  binary messages, to little Endian to Message queues & APIs, we have seen the journey, up close.


We built solutions where every byte mattered, to solutions that analyzed Terra bytes of data & identified anomolies in real time. Its this expertise that we bring to fraud analytics.

Loss prevention at scale
Our Story

We enjoy building solutions that leverage big data in realtime & at scale

Reduce customer friction
Our Vision

 Help banks & fintechs  leverage data to stay ahead of fraudsters

online banking

High throughput, low latency platform for fraud analytics  

Meet Our Team

Satish Kashyap

CEO & Co Founder

Satish loves building and scaling products. He has built products across trading, analytics, risk management & surveillance. In his last role, he was COO of NSE's technology business (NSEIT). He has been a fund manager at a Private Equity fund and was Director at SunGard/FIS.


Pravin Pillai

Chief Operating Officer

Pravin has over 25 years experience in delivering and operating complex IT systems. His experience includes 6 years in the Bay Area, working for product startups. In his last role, he was Vice President (Digital) for NSE's technology business (NSEIT). Prior to that, he led technology delivery at Lionbridge, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra & CMC.


Arpan Majumder

Chief Business Officer

Arpan is passionate about building relationships and has served customers across Americas, Europe, Asia and India. Over the last two decades, Arpan has worked with leading companies like Oracle, Sonata Software, RS Software, NSEIT and TCG Digital. “I am the client’s representative” is his theme for retaining customer focus while delivering value.


Pallavi Narvekar

CTO & Co Founder

Pallavi loves to code and has spent two decades across equity & derivative trading & risk management. She has built an analytics platforms for IoT assets handling over 1000 events per second. Pallavi worked across NSE, Reliance Capital and Destimoney in technology leadership roles.


Sukhdev Sinh Zala

CDO & Co Founder

Sukhdev has 25 years of experience in building big data and machine learning-based solutions in risk management and trading. He recently implemented machine learning models to identify anomalous trading patterns on large data sets. Sukhdev experiments with models to identify ways and means to improve the accuracy of the system at low latency.


Radhika Sriram

VP, Product and Strategy

Radhika loves operating at a tactical, strategic and operational level, donning multiple hats to get things done. She has 7+ years of experience across risk management, corporate strategy and product development. In her last role, she was the Chief of Staff to the CEO at NSE's technology arm. Radhika is a postgraduate from the Indian School of Business (ISB) and holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai

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